Woman’s ‘Secret’ lies in the ability of the woman to manipulate the emotions of a man to her advantage. She uses her position of physical weakness to take his power. She plays on his pride. She can strip his pride and rebuild his pride at will. She can augment his life or ruin his life. Although he is physically stronger, her manipulative skills utterly outclass his logical brain. He uses logic to communicate. A woman will stoop to logic when required but she will have a layer of thought that transcends the man’s logic as she comprehends the social dynamics in operation, an area almost invisible to the male. She can read the social dynamics of a situation whilst he cannot. Males rely on logic to interpret situations. This human use of logic arrived with the logic of language. We have only had speech for one-hundred-thousand-years, so our primary communication was smiles. I say that: “Smiles are our primary means of communication”. The smile is your main way of communicating. Speech is a secondary means of communication. Speech requires logic and males are good at logic, but he is weak at emotion and smiles. Males are good at logic but are notoriously weak with eye communication, which gives the female the advantage. You control your man with smiles and emotion including the emotions tied up in touch, hugs, and kisses. He often has the advantage when it comes to logic. You have the advantage elsewhere. If the girl tackles him on logic, she puts herself into a position where she may lose. If she uses emotion, she wins every time — nearly every time. The male will have developed ‘principles’ which he will not break, but this is to the woman’s advantage anyway.

A girl needs to know how to control her ‘environment’ through life. It is mostly part of biology. The girl needs to meet a male, ensure that he has what she wants in a male, be confident that he will be reliable enough to stay around for the children, whilst caring and providing for her during pregnancy, birth, and upbringing. She needs to know how to ‘influence’ the relationship so she can get what she biologically needs to create an appropriate surrounding commonly called a home. This is why she is brought up to be mildly narcissistic so that she is at ease using his assets through pregnancy, birth, and upbringing. This is why she tests him out during the mating stage to check his resilience and his likely reliability during the birthing and upbringing of a child. She will test his resolve to weather the course though potential rocky patches in the relationship. This testing is partly natural in that it came from our time as a reptile and partly trained as in her upbringing.

The control is initiated at the beginning of the relationship when the man is at his most vulnerable. When the woman realizes that the male likes her, she starts to use her special skills. She puts herself on a pedestal and make the male jump through hoops. She takes him on an emotional rollercoaster that jumbles his brain. He knows not whether she likes him or not. She tests him. Is he going to stay the course through thick and thin? Will he look after her needs in the long term? She ensures that there is no bigger thought in his mind than her. His day is consumed with thoughts for her. She makes him jump through hoops to test the endurance of his devotion — devotion to her needs. Once he has surrendered his power, for the most part, he is beyond the point of no return. He is putty in her hands. He may be a boxing champion or a military commander, but he is weak in her presence.

She didn’t do it on her own. His mother prepared him for subservience to a woman. This is why mothers train boys in duty, honour, resilience, and manliness whilst girls are given mild narcissistic guidance so that they think it is natural to use the assets of the male to get her through pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing. Boys were trained by mothers, to be emotionless which made them manipulable by skilful girls. The mother says to her son: “You never his a girl” and “You’re not scared of the dark — are you?” and “Boys don’t cry.”

This makes him ‘bottle up’ his emotions which can then be released by his female master called a wife — ‘The one who must be obeyed!’

Unfortunately, the illogicality of equality did not bring women up to the level of men, it brought women down from a revered and highly privileged status to the pathetic level of men. If men were so awful, why would woman want to emulate men? Illogic won the day and women now use antidepressants to survive a dreary office life obsessed with a concept of success that involves a desk closer to a window and better parking spot in the company carpark.

These were the very same tricks that were used to make the gullible males competitive in the workplace. Women now reach sixty with a history of dead cats and the recognition that they failed to have a family. As one sixty-five-year-old said: “Why did this have to happen to me?”

This website is designed to re-teach ‘The Secret’ so lost in the clamour of “Equality”. The real ‘Girl Power’ derives from controlling males for the benefit of women. Equality was remarkably successful. It successfully brought women down to the level of males. It destroyed women’s status. It destroyed the woman’s cartel. It fed the women into the corporate workforce.

When I was born, Western women were the most respected being on the earth. One comment is: “Women of the Victorian era were treated with the utmost respect.” They were the most revered beings in the world. They went from the loftiest heights to being described in numerous degrading terms.

In a master-slave relationship, who does all the nasty work? — the slave! Who gives the orders? — the master. It is where the expression: ‘She who must be obeyed’ comes from. The man is allowed to talk freely until she says: “Tut tut!”, whence he goes entirely silent. Sit in a restaurant. If the male says a wrong word, she taps the table two times and he becomes silent like a well-trained dog. Three taps is a major offense and he will be in the dog-house for a week or two. This is code for ‘no sex for a fortnight’. She will control her urges to demonstrate that sex is a controlled availability dependent on his compliance with her wishes. This was stated by one of my ex-apprentices as: “Happy wife. Happy life.” His happiness depends on him keeping her happy.

The male-funded and male-promoted feminists came along with their backing from a complicit male-dominated media with their male-dominated financiers, and changed the definition of ‘patriarchy’ to describe it as a systemic bias against women. There was a bias but it was in favour of women. Patriarchy put immense burdens upon males. Patriarchy demanded that males work their lives and give the wage packet to a wife, to run the whole society for the benefit of women and offspring, and to lay their lives on the line if needed. Patriarchy put no constraints on women and tolerated mild narcissism on the part of females.

Under feminist influence, the definition of patriarchy was adjusted to “a system of society or government controlled by men”. They missed some ingredients: Women did not want to control, so men controlled society for the benefit of women. Men have short fingernails and dress in work-suitable clothes because they were the mechanics of society and women painted their nails and went to the cafés, using money earned by a grovelling male, where they would discuss what their grovelling male slave had bought for them or how he was getting a pay rise. Or rather, she was getting a pay rise because he was getting a better position. She was getting a pay rise because he was working beyond capacity. “Oh, what a wonderful husband you have got. You are so lucky to have found him. Mine cleans drains and has to work seven days to keep my family in food.” Men worked because women had created a cartel where men only got sex if they got on their knees and pledged their undying loyalty and their total income for the rest of their lives. The greater his wage packet, the more beautiful girl he could pledge his life’s earnings to. Unfortunately, in a blitz of illogic, feminism broke the cartel. Women were to be ‘liberated’ from this situation and join the workforce and sex was no longer to be used to control males. Women were to be liberated and have sex with any male. In the prevailing climate of illogic, a woman could not be considered as ‘liberated’ if she was not giving sex away for free. Girls purposely dropped their knickers to prove they were ‘liberated’. Girls have to prove they are not ‘frigid’ or ‘square’ or ‘hung-up’ by having sex with boys when they don’t wish to. Girls have to explain why they don’t wish to be screwed by a male. One girl’s comments:

“The Sexual Revolution tells me that I am abnormal if I don’t desire to make it with every Tom, Dick, of Jane that I see. I am only free to say ‘Yes’.”

Here is another comment:

“Now you have to prove how liberated you are and men use that.”

And another:

“All of them had come under intense pressure to have sex: the boys to show they were not ‘batty’, the girls to prove they were not ‘frigid’. Most had caved in – simply because… they could not think of a single reason to say no.”

And one more:

“Most men didn’t give a damn about whether I wanted to have sex with them or not; If I didn’t want to screw them, they would make a moral thing out of it, and try to lecture me into being ‘free’.”

In the flood of illogic, the complaint was made that males were the evil oppressors. If male behaviour was so bad, one would assume then that male behaviour should be brought up to the level of female behaviour but illogic reigned and women were told they needed to behave like the evil males. They were to be equally promiscuous. But, what is strange, before my time, men could not be promiscuous because no girl would give it to them. Men could not get sex in the average village because no girl would give it to them. Males cannot be promiscuous if girls are not promiscuous. Males had to bend to women’s demand for marriage.

You do, of course, realize that Feminism was funded and promoted by males!

It was not designed to benefit women. I don’t see kitchens with chains and whips. I even see people queuing to join kitchen shows. Working mums dream of being affluent enough to stay at home. When women were ‘freed’ from ‘freedom’, they were given, say, four choices: work, work, work, or work. None of the choices included more leisure time. Or more time with the children. Work enabled women to suffer the same work problems as males. Work is not fun. Work your whole life away to get a seat nearer to a window and a better place in the company car park.

Girls were told they could do anything. They could fly to the moon or become a CEO. Boys were not told this. They were told they had to work bloody hard and they might, if they were very lucky, get a job. And if they did not get what they wanted, that was their ‘lot’. Tough luck and put up with it. But if a girl did not become a CEO, it was a ‘glass ceiling’ created by males. But very few males become CEOs. These males also had a glass ceiling. They had no chance and tough luck.

Girls are now surviving on antidepressants and psych visits. Happiness is disappearing. They have forgotten how to smile. When they realise the hoax, they cannot find a man to marry them. Males have joined a ‘Sexodus’. As girls give up on finding a male, they take to cats and reach sixty with no family.

It is not the first time the stunt has been played on a population. It happened in in 1917 when communism was forced on the Russian people. One hundred years later, they have not recovered.

The ‘Secret’.

The ‘Secret’ is encapsulated in the joke: “Men control the world. Women control men.” Men don’t get the joke. They think this statement is just women saying something stupid. The whole system of civilization relies on this next simple fact that men say to each other in various forms: “There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman.” It might also be said as: “There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a naked woman.” This enables males to be harnessed for the use of women. But the control is enabled in a subtle manner. It is known as “The Secret” by those in the know. (Women only – of course!) Men are exceedingly logical and operate in the land of logic. They can’t get a handle on emotions and feelings and dismiss them as problematic. Women can play emotions. Women can read emotional ‘landscapes’. Women play this control game from a position of physical weakness. So, a sweet demure girl can control the world heavyweight boxing champion. She is stronger than the world boxing champion, but she does not control him with logic or physical strength. She controls him by playing to his emotions — his emotional weakness.

To control (train) males, the procedure starts when the male is very young. The mother says to the little boy: “You never hit a girl.” It is reinforced, if needed, with the back of the hand. She also says: “Don’t answer your mother back.” Again reinforced with the back of the hand, if needed. Mother also says: “You’re not scared of the dark – are you?” and “Boys don’t cry!” She might include: “You’re not scared of the ‘boogie-man’ – are you?” The result is to toughen up the male’s emotional responses and cause them to defer to women both physically and mentally. This enables the future wife to control the physically stronger male. So, when selecting a male to marry, the most important requirement is that he reveres his mother. He will be a doting husband and work his life away to please you.

In a relationship, the male desires to please his woman and is thus controlled by the statement: “The most beautiful thing in the world to a man is a woman.” Thus the man is controlled by simple things like the smile of the woman, a hug, a caress of the woman’s hand across his shoulder, a plate of food, and an occasional access to the ‘honeypot’. It is the procedure set in place by Jesus.

It is encapsulated in the Beetles song: ‘A Hard-Day’s Night.’ The first line says: “It’s been a hard day’s night, and I been working like a dog.” He walked five miles to the mine in the frost before sun-up. He was covered in black coal dust with sweat streaks down his face. There was soot in his sandwiches. He walked home in the rain after-dark. And the song says: “But when I get home to you I’ll find the things that you do – Will make me feel alright.” She smiled – and gave him a hug. He will work this toil just for a smile and a hug from his beloved. The song then says why he does it: “You know I work all day to get you money to buy you things” There are many references from many cultures that dictate that the male hands over the wage packet to the woman on payday.

The Woman’s Cartel on Sex

In the past, if a male wanted sex with a girl, the girl just said “If you want sex, you have to marry me! Then when we get married, I decide when it happens. And what is more, you have to give me your wage packet for the rest of your life.” Sex was very expensive for males. And they could not get it anywhere else because no girl would give it to them. Their only option for sex was to marry a girl on the girl’s terms &mdash and the girls terms were ‘The Woman’s Cartel on Sex’.

The cleverly propagandized ‘Sexual Revolution’ destroyed the woman’s cartel on sex. Men could get sex with no ties and any girl that didn’t give forth was deemed “Sexually Repressed”.

Men are great opportunists, and the promoted ‘sexual revolution’ gave them the opportunity. Any enterprising young male can sleep with any number of girls with utterly no commitment.

The romantic novel.

The romantic novel is interesting. It has the essential ‘grovel’ scene. The man is a hero who has saved the world from destruction by errant asteroids by risking life by singlehandedly nuking the fiery object. But the girl he desires, although impressed, tells him that he is a heartless male because he committed the unforgivable sin of forgetting his mother’s birthday. He grovels until forgiven for his sins.

Let’s create a Patriarchy

I sometimes joke: “Let’s create a Patriarchy” – that is males in charge. We shall send the girls out to work. Girls can give sex for free. And in the bedroom, they can satisfy a male’s every whim. – Mmmm! Sounds like what we have at present.

So let’s create a Matriarchy – that is women in charge. Well, we shall send the man off to work down a mine. When he has gone to work, we shall take the pram to the park to feed the ducks, then down the beach, then to the café, then to visit friends. Then we shall get home just in time to knock up a bit of food for when he comes home from the mine tired. Sounds like when I was a child.

Patriarchy was a system set up or supported by women where the men worked in factories and ran the country entirely for the benefit of women.

Even manliness was described in terms of what was useful to women. He is a ‘gentleman’ — he looks after his woman. He is a ‘real man’ — he looks after his woman. He is a good family man — he works excessive hours to fund a wife and children. He is romantic — he grovels to his woman.

Equality brought women down to the level of men. Equality destroyed women’s privilege of freeloading off men.

The propaganda encouraged illogical thinking.

All men are pigs.

We want to be like men.

A male once told me that he did not agree with me.

This is why I need feminism.

He shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

Insulting males is okay.

Insulting women is sexist.

I can slap you in the face because I am upset.

You slap me and you go to jail as a woman beater.

Chivalry when she likes it.

Sexism when she doesn’t.

Nothing says strong independent woman.

Like having someone else pay for your birth control.

My coworker works more hours and gets paid more.

This company must be sexist.

Hates men.

Can’t find a man that respects her.

Some feminists say the happy face they sport is a form of unpaid ’emotional labor’.

I smile for free!